Built by Nicholson & Co, Worcester in 1895 the three manual Pipe Organ at St John’s has provided musical accompaniment for services and other events continually since its installation.

The organ is one of the largest fully mechanical instruments in North Wales and can still operate without electricity if three willing volunteers can be found to pump it.

Pipe Organ of St John's Church Barmouth

Pipe Organ of St John’s Church Barmouth

The organ was awarded a grade II* listing on the Historic National Pipe Organ Register in October 2014.

Organ Console St John's Church Barmouth


Oboe8 ftTrumpet8 ftClarionet8 ftVioloncello8 ft
Clarion4 ftMixture4 RksPiccolo2 ftPrincipal8 ft
Cornopean8 ftFifteenth2 ftSuabe Flute4 ftBourdon16 ft
Mixture3 RksTwelfth3Dolce8 ftOpen Diapason16 ft
Harmonic Piccolo2 ftHarmonic Flute4 ftClarabella8 ft
Wald Flute4 ftPrincipal4 ftDulciana8 ft
Voix Celeste8 ftClarabella8 ftGamba8 ft
Viol D’Orchestre8 ftKeraulophon8 ft
Lieblich Gedact8 ftBourdon16 ft
Gamba8 ftSmall Open Diapason8 ft
Open Diapason8 ftLarge Open Diapason8 ft
Bourdon16 ft


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