Located in the largest Church designed by John Douglas & Daniel Fordham, this instrument is probably the largest fully mechanical Pipe Organ in North Wales.  Funding for construction of St John’s Church was provided by Mrs Frances Sarah Dyson Perrins (later Williams) in memory of her husband James Dyson Perrins former owner of Lea & Perrins and father of Charles William Dyson Perrins. Whilst their mother was funding the construction of the building her children provided the furnishings of the Church along with this sizeable instrument, donated by Mrs Perrins daughter Sarah Gerturde Potter in memory of her father. Given the family connection with Worcester, Nicholson’s was a natural choice of Organ Builder. Whilst the organ was installed in 1895 the Church was scheduled for completion in 1892 until the tower collapsed as they were completing it.

The instrument casework was designed by John Douglas and incorporates Diapason pipes at the front with the sides of the casework looking unfinished. All parts of this instrument are extremely easy to get to and are constructed of the finest materials that have withstood the test of time. With the exception of a newer concave pedalboard, balanced swell pedal, electric blower and possible replacement of the Swell Principal with a Viol D’Orchestre the organ is in near original condition right down to the still functioning 3 hand pump levers and the very sizeable wind reservoirs.

The Organ continues to play a part in services and recitals and for the most part continues to operate but after 124 years of dedicated service is now showing its age.  During October 2014 the Organ was given a grade II* listing on the Historic National Pipe Organ Register.

Visitors are welcome to play the Organ (to any standard) by prior arrangement with the Incumbent, Churchwarden or Organist - this is only to ensure that the console is unlocked.





Oboe 8 ft Trumpet 8 ft Clarionet 8 ft
Clarion 4 ft Mixture 4 rks Piccolo 2 ft
Cornopean 8 ft Fifteenth 8 ft Suabe Flute 4 ft
Mixture 3 rks Twelfth 8 ft Dolce 8 ft
Harmonic Piccolo 2 ft Harmonic Flute 8 ft Clarabella 8 ft
Wald Flute 4 ft Principal 8 ft Dulciana 8 ft
Voix Celeste 8 ft Clarabella 8 ft Gamba 8 ft
Viol D'Orchestre 8 ft Keraulophon 8 ft
Lieblich Gedact 8 ft Bourdon 8 ft
Gamba 8 ft Small Open Diapason 8 ft
Open Diapason 8 ft Large Open Diapason 8 ft
Bourdon 16 ft


Violoncello 8 ft
Principal 8 ft
Bourdon 16 ft
Open Diapason 16 ft

Suite Gothique Choral

Gabriel’s Oboe

Largo from Serse / Xerxes

BBC Songs of Praise 1980