We are fortunate to have a peal of eight bells at St John's.  Donated by the Perrins family when St John's was built and cast in 1891 by Mears & Stainbank of Whitechapel Bell Foundry, London.

Weights & Inscriptions


22cwt, 1 stone, 1lb "Perenne sub sole nihil."
"Thy will be done."


15cwt, 2 stone, 7lbs "When sweetly chimes this bell,
O'er sea and hill and dell,
May Jesus Christ be praised."


12cwt, 4 stone, 4lbs "We give Thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty,
Which art and wast and art to come."
Rev XI,17


11 cwt, 0 stone, 12lbs "Give God the praise." St John IX, 24.


9cwt, 0 stone, 7lbs "Jesus saith: I am the Way, the Truth
and the Life." St John XIV,6


7cwt, 2 stone, 6lbs "The hour is come that the Son of Man
should be glorified." St John XII,23


6cwt, 2 stone, 5lbs "I am the Door: by me if any man enter in
he shall be saved." St John X,9


6cwt, 0 stone, 2lbs "Non clamor sed amor cantat in auri Dei."