Over recent years we’ve seen the bold establishment of almost 27 new Ministry Areas across the Diocese of Bangor, replacing the old system of small parishes and benefices with a new platform for mission that has demanded and enabled a new pattern of ministry. One such Ministry Area is the Parish of Bro Ardudwy which is led and served by a Ministry Area Leader – a stipendiary priest who exercises a collaborative ministry of oversight and spiritual leadership. The ministry of each Ministry Area is propelled by the Ministry Area Team – a positive and energised gathering of those licensed for public ministry, lay office-holders, employees and volunteers. As each Ministry Area is constituted as a single parish, a single Ministry Area Council (formally the Parochial Church Council) has oversight of mission and resources across the Ministry Area, supported by Congregational Meetings at each of the churches.

The process of forming our own Ministry Area, Bro Ardudwy, was started a few years ago by disbanding the old Parishes and Beneficies of Llandecwyn with Llanfihangel y Traethau, Llanfair-Juxta-Harlech and Llandanwg with Llanbedr, Llanenddwyn with Llanddwywe and creating the new Parish of Bro Ardudwy which was formally constituted by a decree from the Bishop of Bangor at a service in Dyffryn Ardudwy village hall on the 6th November 2013. During the last quarter of 2015 the process of disbanding the Benefice and Parish of Llanaber with Barmouth and Caerdeon with Bontddu was undertaken to restructure the Parish of Bro Ardudwy to include the southern end of the Ardudwy area. This process was completed during early 2016 with another decree from the Bishop of Bangor at a service in St John’s Church, Barmouth during February 2016. Thus the Parish of Bro Ardudwy as we now know it was formed.

The Ministry Area has a Ministry Area Council made up of representatives from each Church within Bro Ardudwy. The Council members are also Trustees of the Parish of Bro Ardudwy.

To provide oversight for Ministry within the area, the Ministry Area Team of Bro Ardudwy has a membership of stipendiary clergy serving Bro Ardudwy along with other licensed clergy living within the area, lay office-holders and other volunteers.