The Church in Wales is governed by its Constitution, set up under section 13(1) of the Welsh Church Acts 1914, as amended from time to time by its Governing Body. Due to organisational changes currently underway within the Church in Wales the Ministry Area Council (MAC) has the same powers as a Parochial Church Council (PCC) with the main difference being the size and coverage of a MAC being much larger than a traditional PCC. The MAC is not a body corporate. Its composition, procedures and powers are regulated by the Constitution, which provides that before assuming office, every member must sign a declaration that he or she will be bound by the Constitution.

The Constitution also provides that the members of the MAC shall be: The Incumbent, Vicars and Assistant Curates; two Church Wardens, one appointed by the Incumbent and one elected at the Annual Vestry Meeting (AVM); two Sub-wardens for each Church where there is more than one Church in the Parish, one appointed by the Incumbent and one elected at the AVM; up to 25 lay members elected at the AVM, 1 co-opted Secretary and Treasurer (if not already ex-officio or elected); and up to 7 further co-opted members. Members of the MAC are also Trustees of the Parish of Bro Ardudwy.

The elected MAC members are elected at the Annual Vestry Meeting by the members of the congregation who are on the electoral roll of the Parish. All persons over the age of 18 who attend services and are members of the congregation are encouraged to register on the electoral roll and seek election to the MAC.